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Regenerating Australian property through design lifestyle & development.

Fiducia developments capture imagination, bringing to market carefully curated buildings of substance, design and longevity.  Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Fiducia push the boundaries of conscious design, functionality, quality and delivery. Fiducia’s core values focus on maximising residential sites and buildings to create superior living places and communities that thrive.

Led by CEO & Founder Ben Doyle and his partner Development Director Marie Doyle, Fiducia began in 2004 and has completed over 700 residences to date, collectively valued at over A$480M+ across 62 developments.  Fiducia’s reputation for innovation and considerate community relationships is well deserved. Sydney locals and nationally recognised, the Fiducia team have won multiple awards from Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA NSW), Housing Industry Australia (HIA), REINSW and The Urban Developer for design excellence and execution in the development space.

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Our Specialties

We specialise in development management, investment partnerships and private residential advisory.


Our Specialties

Development Management

Fiducia understands that every property development project is unique in both its strengths and its risks. It takes experience to understand both and to successfully ensure a profitable outcome. Fiducia are able to provide a bespoke, one-stop approach to every stage and type of property investment. We provide expert advice as part of a strategic team delivering your developments.
  • Research & industry data review
  • Acquisition & negotiation
  • Feasibility modelling
  • Development Management (DA to Construction)
  • Tender management & contract administration
  • Consultant advisory
  • In house financial reporting & accounting
  • Sales & project marketing


Our Impact

Multi-award winning developers

As award winning developers Fiducia are proud to deliver to the market quality end products that meet the requirements of the construction and also the high level of finishes.

Led by CEO & Founder Ben Doyle and his partner Development Director Marie Doyle, Fiducia have completed over 700 apartments and homes to date and in excess of 19 years’ experience, Fiducia’s reputation for innovation and considerate community relationships is well deserved.

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Trust, Confidence, Faith, Courage, Reliance.


Our Specialties

Private Residential Advisory

Reimagining statement homes.

By invitation, Fiducia are available to advise and manage the initiation, design and execution on large-scale private residential home developments. Major luxury custom home builds require risk management, expertise and knowledge in order to achieve a quality, buildable and exquisite residence.

With Fiducia on your team, we provide:

  • Client facilitation, guidance and ease on all stages of the project
  • Transparency and expedition of the delivery program and management of multiple concurrent workflows
  • Provide greater technical coverage between interior and exterior disciplines for large and complex residences and developments
  • Creating and managing a coordinated project team whilst diversifying the resource base – allowing document cross- checking, internal design audit, and greater risk management
  • Managing all associated authorities, approvals, tenders, consultants, builders, documentation, contract administration, delivery, claims, budgets, reporting and teams on the project

In these robust and creatively complimentary arrangements we work with the best architectural and design firms in Sydney. Each entity has an established and agreed scope of works and is retained directly by the client in the delivery of their discipline, under a shared Project charter.

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